Thrive Landcare Names Laney to Business Development Post
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Thrive Landcare Names Laney to Business Development Post

Thrive Landcare Names Laney to Business Development Post

Thrive Landcare has appointed Mike Laney as Business Development Manager for the Atlanta metro landscape management company.

Laney took on the job because he’s a true believer in Thrive’s customer service approach and knowledge. A Property Manager for more than 30 years, Laney had worked with Thrive co-owner Brandon Baxter for more than a decade while managing a portfolio of properties in the Atlanta metro area.

“Brandon brought solid solutions and good follow-up,” Laney said. “He just knows everything about landscaping—a one-stop shop. I could trust that he would provide good recommendations, and he never let me down over all the years we worked to improve properties.”

Laney understands the needs of commercial properties. “When someone arrives to lease a space, there’s a certain experience from a property management owners’ standpoint that you want to achieve. You want to provide an experience for them that justifies what they pay for the property and provides a pleasing environment. Plants and color are key to that first impression.

“Because I have a background in property management, I can see what is needed to take the property to the next level or how to maintain it to accomplish the property managers’ goals. At Thrive, we provide solutions that remove the worry and the work, and allow the owners and managers to focus on their core business.”

As a landscape management company, Thrive doesn’t just provide maintenance, Laney said. “We’re an all-encompassing management team that understands what owners need. We aren’t just cutting grass and edging, we’re bringing them a management solution that handles all their exterior landscaping needs.”

Laney’s property management career has taken him to Florida and Georgia. In addition, he has earned the real property administrator (RPA) designation from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA).



Mike Laney, Thrive Landcare


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